Joining The Collegiate Diving Team

I used to be a high school swimmer building on to be very successful to the college level. I was well aware of the fact that there is lots of swimming human resources extending throughout the country that I was supposed to contest with. For that reason, the contest was very demanding.

It was essential for me to be ahead of any standard swimmer at the high school level because it was my aim to succeed in reaching to the college level. As soon as I got admission in the college, the swimming instructors and trainers there started enrolling me seeing that I had the aptitude and proficiency to swim much better than most swimmers; and as far as I was concerned, I was ready to work hard. Concurrently, I was advised by my buddies and colleagues to make every effort to market and endorse myself to all the swimming teachers in such a manner that they should become well-acquainted with who I was, what proceedings I dedicated myself to, what were my significant swimming comings and goings, how noteworthy was my personality to be of any service for them and so forth.

diving in college

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Everyone Should Sky Dive

In my personal opinion, I think everyone should sky dive if the opportunity presents it self. Very few people ever have the ability to sky dive, and when they do they would be amazed to see what its like. Not everyone has the courage and strength to get in a plane and jump out. When you first sky dive its almost like you have to just go for it, when your thinking about jumping out too much is when you psyche yourself out. I like to use the example of a band aid to put sky diving into perspective. When you have a wound, scratch, or small injury and use a small band aid to cover it are you going to just tear it off in one move or slowly pull it off? I think everyone would just rip it off as fast as possible. Nothing changes when it comes to sky diving, you have to just jump and go for it. Looking back is not an option.

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High Flying in the Pool

When I was in high school, I never participated in athletics until my senior year. At the time I had a girlfriend named Stephanie. Stephanie at the time meant the world to me. She was my first love. I remember vividly her convincing me to join the school’s dive team. At the time, I was really into my studies and academics. I was what you would call a “book worm” all throughout my time in school. Book worms were considered nerds at my school. I thought for a couple weeks about Stephanie’s proposal to join the dive team. Through constant back and forth, I ended up trying out and making the team. I didn’t feel that special considering I was the only guy on the dive team.

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Why Skydiving Is So Fascinating

I find skydiving so fascinating. Objectively, I understand the appeal. What has to deliver the ultimate rush? Something that is probably pretty dangerous, or potentially dangerous. You know, I like the feeling of riding roller coasters and climbing mountains. I get it.

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Special Forces Scuba Diving

Everyone has heard or seen Navy Seals on TV or online. Everyone has some what of an idea about what these classified modern day warriors do for a living. It is no mystery, what kind of missions these guys are hired to do. Danger is their middle name, and they never back down to any challenge that faces them. These guys were named S.E.A.L.S because they are suppose to travel either by sea, air, or land to eliminate a target. Not everyone can do what they do on a daily basis. A big part of their job is scuba diving. Travelling by sea to take out a target on a beach, island, or city near an ocean is apart of the job description.


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How To Not Be Terrified of Scuba Diving

Personally, I’m absolutely, paralyzingly afraid of the ocean.

whale shark scuba diverThere are so many weird creatures hiding out in there. Sharks with rows and rows of shedding razor teeth. Giant squids. Killer whales, which hunt in packs, and could definitely hunt and kill people if they ever decided they wanted to. To add to that, there’s the fact that we haven’t even discovered all the creatures down there yet. Or maybe something that we thought was extinct is somehow still alive, and just waiting to munch on my legs like they’re hot dogs.

I’m looking at you, Megalodon.

megaloden scuba diving

I would much rather be having a swimming just after a pool cleaning in my own watering hole where it’s safe and sound. But there is only so much you can do in a swimming pool right? There is a lot going on in the ocean, and so many adventures await.

shark scuba divingReading all of this, you wouldn’t think that scuba diving is one of my passions. Throughout my whole life, people always likely thought that ocean swimming was something that I was going to steer clear from, I’m now advocating for everyone to do it too!

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My First Skydive

If you enjoy your heart pumping at a significantly fast rate, like myself than you will love everything about sky diving. Sky diving is one of the most popular ways to freak your body out. Lets face it, our bodies were not created or meant to jump out of an airplane thousands of feet in the air. Its scary at first. Any one that says they weren’t scared of jumping out of an airplane thousands of feet in the sky, is a flat out liar. It doesn’t matter how much you can bench press or how tough you are, sky diving requires a lot of courage and mental toughness. It’s no wonder Navy Seals are known for sky diving. Those guys are seriously tough.

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Non Traditional Scuba Diving Spots

scuba diving oaklandScuba diving isn’t something that can only be done at locations where it is popular or people often pay. Wherever there is clean and deep enough water where it’s also safe can be a location prime for scuba diving!

For recreational scuba divers, many  may only consider tourist spots to scuba dive in. People think the Hawaiian islands, Thailand, and Florida are the best places to scuba dive, but I like to think that any place you can throw on the gear and dive underwater could be your personal favorite to dive.

hawaii scuba diving

oakland alameda divingRecently moving to the bay area, I was apprehensive of swimming in the water near the coastline. I wasn’t sure if it was safe, and it can be pretty cold water. After discussing with a buddy, he occasionally will hop in the Oakland bay to dive when he’s not running around doing pest control Oakland, his pride and joy. He invited me to swim around in the bay between Alameda and Oakland, claiming there’s some interesting stuff near the bottom. I took him up on that offer, here’s what happened. Continue reading Non Traditional Scuba Diving Spots

Experiences of the First Time Diving in the Open Sea

Massive planet that we live in. We hardly know the history of this place. Much of the world is unexplored, and hardly any of the seas have been thoroughly explored. The most foreign places on this planet, are what lies below the water’s surface as we venture out into the open oceans. We can see what lies ahead, the islands and shores of many giant land bodies, but our technology has not thoroughly allowed us to uncover the truths of the water.

weird fish diving

We do know that at some point in time, our great ancestors were a water species. As the change of species began to develop, and our closer ancestors started to walk out of the water on land, the water still was a massively important facet of their existence, as it is with practically every animal, since H2O is an important component of every species’ survival methods (Well, just about all animals, see here). But what is it that other than the drinking of water that has constantly driven us back time and time again to the feelings of being in the water, especially the large bodies.

ocean floor divingSwimming pools are great, and I’m glad that I had the chance to grow up with a swimming pool in my backyard, many friends with swimming pools, and many chances to go swimming at water parks and the public swimming pools around various areas. Yet, nothing has ever compared to my experiences swimming in ponds, creeks, rivers, lakes, and especially the ocean. There is something about larger bodies of water than our swimming pools that just feel so significantly more in tune with the realities of natures. Continue reading Experiences of the First Time Diving in the Open Sea

womands springboard finals diving rio

Sky Diving, Scuba Diving, and Pool Diving

womands springboard finals diving rio

When you are talking about diving, all sorts of images and ideas could come to your head when you think about diving. No matter what type of idea it is, it likely consists of some sort of activity.

Most often, diving is associated with some sort of water activity. Whether it be diving into a swimming pool or scuba diving, you’ll find that most people who call themselves divers, are talking about diving under the surface of water.

The act of jumping into a body of water is referred to as diving. The sport of diving is usually utilizing a jump or a fall in an acrobatic fashion and executing the entrance into water in a skillful way. Diving can be done competitively, for practicing, but best of all, in a fun, exciting, and exhilarating way, which in almost every case it is.

With the growth of video sharing, and in particular, YouTube, diving isn’t just about the sport as much anymore. There are tons of people who make some fantastic quality and thrilling videos of cliff diving, or jumping from high marks into a large body of water, of ten being accompanied by a variety of flips and twists. For those extreme sport lovers, safety is still taken under huge precautions. high diving la rochelle france

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