womands springboard finals diving rio

Sky Diving, Scuba Diving, and Pool Diving

womands springboard finals diving rio

When you are talking about diving, all sorts of images and ideas could come to your head when you think about diving. No matter what type of idea it is, it likely consists of some sort of activity.

Most often, diving is associated with some sort of water activity. Whether it be diving into a swimming pool or scuba diving, you’ll find that most people who call themselves divers, are talking about diving under the surface of water.

The act of jumping into a body of water is referred to as diving. The sport of diving is usually utilizing a jump or a fall in an acrobatic fashion and executing the entrance into water in a skillful way. Diving can be done competitively, for practicing, but best of all, in a fun, exciting, and exhilarating way, which in almost every case it is.

With the growth of video sharing, and in particular, YouTube, diving isn’t just about the sport as much anymore. There are tons of people who make some fantastic quality and thrilling videos of cliff diving, or jumping from high marks into a large body of water, of ten being accompanied by a variety of flips and twists. For those extreme sport lovers, safety is still taken under huge precautions. high diving la rochelle france

children diving riverMost people become acquainted with the act of diving when they were introduced to it at a pool early in their lives. I first learned to dive at my own swimming pool which my parents had installed in their backyards. No springboards to jump off of, but we did have a few rocks and a deep enough pool to perfect my dives off of. All of that fun brought me to the dive team in high school, and led me to crave an exhilarating life, which just so happens to include diving of all sorts.

For me, the biggest rush I always got throughout my adolescent years was jumping off of that high dive into the pool. The rush from being in freefall, yet knowing you will be safe in the head is a rushing, yet, comfortable sensation. After always wanting to chase that rush, I became a fiend for jumping off of things. I started skydiving a few times per year, I have done base jumps, I love finding a sweet rope swing, I like to do parkour, I like climbing tall structures and tall trees of the nature, I like to scuba dive far off of the shores of the ocean, wherever I can find a rush in nature and life, I go after it.

sky diving

This blog in the future will detail some of my experiences with a life style of freefalls, and diving. Hope to hear some of your stories as well along the way.

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