Special Forces Scuba Diving

Everyone has heard or seen Navy Seals on TV or online. Everyone has some what of an idea about what these classified modern day warriors do for a living. It is no mystery, what kind of missions these guys are hired to do. Danger is their middle name, and they never back down to any challenge that faces them. These guys were named S.E.A.L.S because they are suppose to travel either by sea, air, or land to eliminate a target. Not everyone can do what they do on a daily basis. A big part of their job is scuba diving. Travelling by sea to take out a target on a beach, island, or city near an ocean is apart of the job description.


The world of scuba diving is fascinating. Whether your a modern day warrior like a Navy Seal or an active adrenaline junkie who seeks new adventures, scuba diving is something else. The art of scuba takes a considerable amount of time to craft, perfect, and become experienced with. Scuba diving isn’t just simply taking one dive and becoming an expert. There is a lot of training, knowledge, and expertise that goes into performing the perfect scuba dive. Before anyone gets involved with a deep sea dive, professional training about the proper scuba gear is critical. If you don’t know what your wearing when you hit the deep ocean, your in serious trouble.

navy seal scuba diving

The special forces are several different elite military units, and among these elite forces the Navy Seals are in a different league of their own. When it comes time to train these Navy Seals, scuba training is a big part of what separates them from the other branches in the US military. Not everyone can do what these men can do. It is very challenging to conduct counter intelligence, counter terrorism, and counter espionage missions underwater with little to no visibility in freezing water. It makes sense that only one out of ten men who begin training with the Seals ever have the ability to complete the training and become one of the few modern day elite warriors.

navy seal scuba operations

Most people who scuba dive for fun will choose places warm and in the middle of the day with sunlight. Navy Seals and some other special forces units that conduct under water missions will have to operate in the worst of conditions. Swimming under freezing cold water is tough as it is, but when you have to worry about sharks eating you, or other sea creatures being potential threats you start to worry a lot more. When scuba diving, it’s not like Seals are only three feet below the water surface, these guys are sometimes hundreds of feet below the surface. Sometimes, these special operators will have small-compact size submarines that act as small vessels that carry them. These small underwater vessels seem to do a lot of good, considering Seals would have to physically swim if there was no vessel to use.

Rigorous training, and years of constant scuba diving separates Navy Seals from any other special forces operator that deals with the sea. It is safe to say, if the president of the country needed a special forces team to get a job done by taking a target down at sea, they would rely on Navy Seals. No other military force comes close to the level of expertise and specialization like the Seals. Scuba diving is loads of fun for the average person to do. For Seals scuba is apart of their life. They have to become one with the water.

navy seals scuba training

You also have to consider scuba is only one aspect of training for Seals. Once a Navy Seal is officially indoctrinated as a full time warrior, then serious attention and sacrifice is what keeps them above everyone else. It is not normal to entrench your life with such a dangerous, and spontaneous lifestyle. Religiously finding new and more improved ways to improve current and past scuba techniques is what the Navy and any other scuba diver fanatics are obsessed about. Special forces scuba diving is something else, when you think of the different missions and locations these warriors may be called upon to dive into.

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