High Flying in the Pool

When I was in high school, I never participated in athletics until my senior year. At the time I had a girlfriend named Stephanie. Stephanie at the time meant the world to me. She was my first love. I remember vividly her convincing me to join the school’s dive team. At the time, I was really into my studies and academics. I was what you would call a “book worm” all throughout my time in school. Book worms were considered nerds at my school. I thought for a couple weeks about Stephanie’s proposal to join the dive team. Through constant back and forth, I ended up trying out and making the team. I didn’t feel that special considering I was the only guy on the dive team.

When it came time to go to dive practices I knew I made the right decision. It’s always a plus when your at a pool for three hours every with a bunch of girls around you. I definitely felt macho being around so many girls all the time. The dive coach helped out a lot. I was brand new to the sport, and she treating me with a lot of respect. She could of easily been rude and snooty towards me, but luckily that wasn’t the case. The only time in my life I ever saw people diving off boards was during the summer Olympics every four summers, so this sport was new to me but I was willing to learn.

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Growing up, pools were never really my thing. I always had a tough time dealing with pools and the mysteries they presented. It always amazed me to see people with so much courage have the ability to bounce and jump off spring boards into the water, all while doing back flips and front flips at the same time. The level of difficulty only amplifies when you have a partner you have to move with simultaneously. Being judged off how aesthetically visual your acrobatics moves are, jumping off a swimming board was something I was not used to.

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I was very lucky to have a girlfriend and a supportive team to back me up the whole time. Looking back, it could have been a completely different story if I didn’t have such a great support system to be by my side every step of the way. Support, patience, and encouragement are needed for anyone that is new to any sport or unknown activity. Truthfully, there were times when I was at diving practice and I felt like throwing in the towel. When you don’t have the support team to back you up, it makes your life a lot harder. Who wants to be ridiculed and yelled at for diving the wrong way? No body does.

Life is all about taking wild adventures, and not caring what others think. Looking back on high school, I feel like I was always over thinking things and trying to find ways out of situations. Who knows what my relationship with Stephanie at the time would have been like had I not tried out for the diving team my senior year. Even though when I graduated from high school, and broke up with Stephanie I still continued to dive. I found diving at the college pool I had access to, become a great stress reliever and allowed me to relax when school was getting to me. Diving was very therapeutic for me. A lot of other college students were finding other ways to escape the daily hardships of school, but I found an inner bliss from diving. I had a lot of fun diving in high school, but I have even more fun now.

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There’s something about doing flips off a diving board that really gets me going. If you’ve gone on any crazy adrenaline throbbing sky dives you will know the feeling of free falling in air for a split second. It’s almost as if time stops for a second and everything is else moves in slow motion when I’m in the mist of a flip. There is no better feeling than landing the perfect back flip and front flip into the water. It’s quite the rush of emotions when your able to consistently hit perfect flips. It truly is hard to describe the feeling of landing a trick. Words just can’t describe it. It’s even better when your able to impress people that are watching close by. There is nothing like seeing the best tricks in mid air above water, than watching a diver perfect his jumps.

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