Everyone Should Sky Dive

In my personal opinion, I think everyone should sky dive if the opportunity presents it self. Very few people ever have the ability to sky dive, and when they do they would be amazed to see what its like. Not everyone has the courage and strength to get in a plane and jump out. When you first sky dive its almost like you have to just go for it, when your thinking about jumping out too much is when you psyche yourself out. I like to use the example of a band aid to put sky diving into perspective. When you have a wound, scratch, or small injury and use a small band aid to cover it are you going to just tear it off in one move or slowly pull it off? I think everyone would just rip it off as fast as possible. Nothing changes when it comes to sky diving, you have to just jump and go for it. Looking back is not an option.

When you over think things, your mind will get to you. Like Nike, just do it. Sometimes people are constantly in their own heads about what they need to do or what might happen to a particular scenario. Of course, anytime you are about to embark on a seriously dangerous extreme sport like sky diving there are many safety precautions to take and consider. Knowing your safe and having the expertise of the best sky masters is whats most important when your just getting into sky diving. There has been sky diving accidents in the past, but over the years technology and training has evolved to make the experience much better.

sky master sky diving

Think of how powerful you would feel after a successful sky diving jump. Think of the feelings and emotions that would be running through your body as you hit the ground. It would be pretty amazing, right? The human mind is very powerful. There are many feats were able to accomplish if the right mindset and guidance is in place. Everyone wants to accomplish amazing things, but few will actually complete the daring tasks. Life isn’t about wondering “what if.” You never want to wake up someday and ponder about all the regrets you had growing up. You only have one life, and you only live one time. Making the most out of your life is what should get you moving every morning.

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Lets face it, not everyone can sky dive. Only a handful of people will ever be willing to sky dive. Sky diving is not for everyone, but sky diving can be used as a tool. Very few people will consider sky diving as an important tool in life. If you look at sky diving from a ego and self-fulfilling stand point you would be amazed at the level of confidence you’d gain from a small trip. For this reason, I believe everyone should sky dive when the opportunity arises. Think about it, what other task will allow you to free-fall in mid air for a number of minutes only to release a parachute to be saved? There aren’t very many. In a way, your dying for a couple minutes until your parachute is released in the air.

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Sky diving has put thrill and energy back into my life. I feel like were always moving like zombies in our day to day lives. Never for a minute are we taking a step back and reflecting on our lives. Some people live boring lives with zero thrill or energy. Sky diving will put juice into any persons life. Living the mundane life of forty hours a week of constant work is the worst. Some people need breaks in there life. Spicing things up with a energy rich sport like sky diving will do wonders to the psyche. Everyone should try their best to at least sky dive once in their life. It is easy to say, but it is quite hard for your first time. I understand, not a lot of people are used to it; but there is a lot more benefits that will come from a jump than cons. Have an amazing time, and remember to not think too much. Just jump.

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