Non Traditional Scuba Diving Spots

scuba diving oaklandScuba diving isn’t something that can only be done at locations where it is popular or people often pay. Wherever there is clean and deep enough water where it’s also safe can be a location prime for scuba diving!

For recreational scuba divers, many  may only consider tourist spots to scuba dive in. People think the Hawaiian islands, Thailand, and Florida are the best places to scuba dive, but I like to think that any place you can throw on the gear and dive underwater could be your personal favorite to dive.

hawaii scuba diving

oakland alameda divingRecently moving to the bay area, I was apprehensive of swimming in the water near the coastline. I wasn’t sure if it was safe, and it can be pretty cold water. After discussing with a buddy, he occasionally will hop in the Oakland bay to dive when he’s not running around doing pest control Oakland, his pride and joy. He invited me to swim around in the bay between Alameda and Oakland, claiming there’s some interesting stuff near the bottom. I took him up on that offer, here’s what happened.

At first, we were talking about going scuba diving near the coastline of San Francisco. The day before we were about to go, we saw this video of surfers hanging out in the water trying to catch some waves, when, all of a sudden, a great white shark breaches out of water and it is caught on camera. It didn’t take much more convincing for either of us to decide that swimming with great whites wasn’t something that we wanted to do for my first dive in the bay area, so we decided for something a little less sketch.

Right between Oakland and Alameda, CA is a little strip of water that causes Alameda to be somewhat of an island. We weren’t sure whether or not it was legal for us, but we found a little cove that had about 5 foot deep water to swim around and dive in. Sights while scuba diving is one big reason most people dive, but for us, we just love the feeling of being underwater.

grizzly bay scuba divingAfter our Oakland/Alameda dive, we decided the next day we will do some swimming around Grizzly Bay, an area a little north of Pittsburg, CA. I had a canoe that we could use as our home base station, and he had a truck to help haul it safely to the Grizzle Wildlife area. We arrived at the area and checked a map before we came and we had decided that we wanted to swim around the island in the middle of Grizzly bay. After setting journey, we didn’t do much talking because there was just so many beautiful sights in this area to look at. A lush green starting point led to clear blue waters with little islands littering this little area. This bay is where a ton of water in California ends up traveling too, and while it does have a lot of sediment in it, there are some areas that have pretty clear blue water.

Once we got to the island in Grizzly Bay, we noticed it was pretty hazy water, so we turned back around and decided to do some scuba diving near the shore of where we entered the water. The location ended up being pretty prime. Underwater, I saw a ton of fish swimming around, which isn’t always something you have the luxury of seeing, but I could see while there is a ton of fisherman that are in this area year round.

This two day scuba diving sesh proved to me again that you don’t always have to scuba dive in the so called “prime” areas to have a great time diving underwater. If you have the companion of a friend, it can almost always be an excellent time regardless of the conditions. Whether you are in a coastal area, near a river, a lake, a pond, and even a creek, try out your scuba diving equipment there. You may find that it is even more fun than you might expect.

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