Why Skydiving Is So Fascinating

I find skydiving so fascinating. Objectively, I understand the appeal. What has to deliver the ultimate rush? Something that is probably pretty dangerous, or potentially dangerous. You know, I like the feeling of riding roller coasters and climbing mountains. I get it.

I am pretty interested in the whole process of sky diving, and try to keep my hopes up for the next time I can go! So here are 5 tips that can help you figure out how you want to go about sky diving.

The youngest person to ever skydive was four. FOUR.

What? Props to you, Toni Stadler. But really, what kind of superhero-esque child are you? When I was a four-year-old kid, I was afraid a monster was going to come out of the drain in the shower. You think I would have skydived? Yeah, no, not in a million years. Way to be much cooler than any kid ever was.

You can’t hear anything while skydiving, so trying to talk to your friends won’t work.

Well, you can hear, but only one thing, and that is the wind rushing past you at 100 mph. That sentence alone is enough for me to never, ever want to do this. I don’t want to know what it feels like to have air rush past you that fast. End of story.

The oldest person to ever skydive was 101.

frank moody skydivingFrank Moody, one of the most awesome people in the world doing extremely awesome things. I’d be afraid my heart was going to give out, maybe. Although at that age, wouldn’t that be a pretty hardcore way to go? I’d make sure to have it written on my tombstone.

Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier skydiving.

felix baumgartnerAgain, someone who is awesome. How many people can say they broke the sound barrier skydiving? Just him, probably. He was clocked at a speed of 834 mph, also known as Mach 1.24. How his face didn’t melt off is anyone’s guess.

The most jumps in a day completed by a single person was 500.

The trophy goes to Michael Zang on this one. He apparently used three different alternating planes so that he could get back up into the sky as quickly as possible. Good on you, sir. I’ll be watching from the ground, thank you.

felix baumgartner sky divingSo, there you have it. Some brief facts about skydiving that I hope you found interesting. Maybe, if you’re feeling inspired, you could even look at this list and try and break some records. Personally, I’d try for the oldest skydiver one, but first I have to make it to 102.

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