Monthly Archives: February 2017

Everyone Should Sky Dive

In my personal opinion, I think everyone should sky dive if the opportunity presents it self. Very few people ever have the ability to sky dive, and when they do they would be amazed to see what its like. Not everyone has the courage and strength to get in a plane and jump out. When you first sky dive its almost like you have to just go for it, when your thinking about jumping out too much is when you psyche yourself out. I like to use the example of a band aid to put sky diving into perspective. When you have a wound, scratch, or small injury and useĀ a small band aid to cover it are you going to just tear it off in one move or slowly pull it off? I think everyone would just rip it off as fast as possible. Nothing changes when it comes to sky diving, you have to just jump and go for it. Looking back is not an option.

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